Benefits of Fabric Displays

Published: 24th October 2011
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Fabric displays are commonly used options for trade shows owing to the many advantages they offer. They are effective in attracting crowds and can make the right impression. Among all the types of trade show displays, fabrics are most effective in being seen by large crowds as they can fill up a wall. Here are a few advantages to help you choose the right kind of fabric for your next trade show booth.


Fabric displays are very flexible when it comes to cost and can fit into any budget. This makes it easier for those with a limited budget to make use to more effective methods of marketing. You could choose simple durable fabrics or opt for fancy ones like satin. Fabric exhibits, once printed can be used repeatedly.

Easily customized

The best part about a fabric display is that there is absolutely no limit when it comes to designing. By hiring a professional designer and printer, you can get the best possible design to attract more attention to your product. You can use fabrics of any shape, size and color and even make 3D advertisements by layering or twisting fabrics together.

Wider range

The range you get in fabric materials, colors and framework is unparalleled. You could tie your fabric to the aluminum frame or use Velcro and magnets. You could also free-hang from the ceiling. You could also use two 10 feet long sheets and combine them to make a 20-foot display.

Better display quality

Fabric displays are long lasting and can produce amazing graphic details when printed on. The quality and characteristics of each type fabrics provides a different mood and quality to the printed design. The stylized texture that the fabric offers to an otherwise plain design can give visually stunning effects.

Easy assembling and portability

Assembling a fabric display can be done easily. It is a one person job and can be finished in a few hours depending on the complexity of the planned design and structure. The lightweight metal framework can be folded in to a carrying case and can be easily transported. Assembling and dismantling the frame and the display takes little time compared to other types of displays.

Durable and lightweight

Fabric is very lightweight and airy. It is very easy to carry around and set up. With minimal maintenance, good quality fabrics can last a long time. Fabrics can also be easily washed with a mild detergent.

The main disadvantage of a fabric display is that it can tear easily. By keeping a watchful eye on your fabric display, you can ensure it does not damage and serve you and your purpose for many more trade shows and conferences in the future.

The advantages of using fabric displays clearly outweigh the disadvantages. With so many perks of using this kind of display, it is no wonder that so many companies opt for it. Use a fabric display to create a greater visual impact on your potential customers and take full advantage of advertising in a trade show.

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